Our software is written for Windows based 98, XP and VISA. Using IBM's Lotus Approach RDBMS. The best relational data base to date and at a good price too!


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Wall and Associates of Colorado

11904 Nevada Cir.
Aurora, Colorado 80012

mobile: 720-254-4465

      aka: Old Man's software of WAA
Contact:  Gil Wall



About Us

Wall And Associates of Colorado

11904 East Nevada Circle, Aurora, CO, United States

(720) 949-1238

We are WAASIMS since 1997 we have custom designed applications for many a business. Some of these products have become main stays see listed below. Welcome visit us and purchase our fine software applications.

Our SOA based RDBMS software is to help small business software for solutions. Lotus Smartsuite Approach is our tool for custom designed applications like Colorado Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Registry for Patient care and the Caregiver practices, Department of Revenue title section state documents, preowned vehicle desktop application, Colorado sales and use retail sales tax for the State and it's Home Rule Cities, Our Rental Property Management manages all your real Rental properties and more using Windows operating systems.

  • CannabisPOS  [Seed to Harvest] & [Harvest to Sale]

  • WAARPM   [Rental Property Management]

  • WAADealer  [Preowned Vehicle Sales Management]

  • WAAHHC  [Home Healthcare] Client/Patient/Unskilled & Skilled

  • WAADORA Colorado Department of Revenue Title Section for [Abandoned Vehicles storage, reporting State documents and certified mailer creation, print & USPS registration.]

  • GrayStone  [Small business general accounting]